Pieter Hintjens
(gro.amose|hp#gro.amose|hp) is a software designer, writer, and campaigner with over 25 years' experience in the IT business. Founder and director of iMatix Corporation, he was the main author of the AMQP/0.8 industry standard messaging protocol, and main designer of the OpenAMQ messaging system. From 2005 to 2008, he was the president of the FFII.


Alexandra Combes
(gro.amose|ca#gro.amose|ca) got involved in the fight against software patents after a Masters degree in IT Law followed by an internship at the European Parliament. Legal adviser in Paris for a time (petrol and gaz construction company), she is now based in Brussels as independant professional and President of FFII France.


Charles-H. Schulz
(gro.amose|shc#gro.amose|shc) has been contributing to Free and Open Source Software since the beginning of the century and is a member of the OpenDocument Technical and Adoption Committees at the OASIS Consortium. He is a founding partner of Ars Aperta, a French consultancy firm delivering strategic insights and assistance in the fields of Open Standards and Free and Open Source Software. Charles-H. Schulz is presently the lead of the Native-Language Confederation of the project, coordinating the project and community development of worldwide. He lives in Paris.


Benjamin Henrion
(gro.amose|hb#gro.amose|hb) has been fighting software patents from the beginning of the debate eight years ago. Permanent representative of the FFII in Brussels, he is also one of the main lobbyists of the organization.


Alberto Barrionuevo
(gro.amose|ba#gro.amose|ba) is the CEO of OPENTIA, an I.T. company located in Madrid, and VIRTUA, an OPENTIA R&D branch located in the Technological Park of Andalusia (Spain). He is also the vice president of the FFII and well known as an activist of electronic civil rights - being also coordinator of the project as well as a member of OpenDocument Fellowship, ODF Alliance and the Advisory Council of Hispalinux.


Paul C. Brown
(gro.amose|bp#gro.amose|bp) is the CEO of Linux New Media Spain s.l. (Malaga, Andalusia), the editor of the Spanish version of LINUX MAGAZINE, of which he is also chief editor. Famed writer in IT press, and regular collaborator of several TV programs about IT, he has written geek books and also previously published in magazines such as Arroba, WebTechniques, WebMaster, Linux-Magazine USA, Linux Magazine Pro, Linux Magazine International, Technology for Fun among others.