Event Booking Service

Each week there are significant conferences, workshops, panels, and meetings. There is no better way to network and stay updated than to come to such events. ESOMA makes it easy:

  1. Check the event calendar for upcoming events that interest you.
  2. Register for any event that interests you..
  3. Once you're registered, ESOMA confirms by email.
  4. If the event is cancelled or changed, ESOMA notifies you.
  5. Show up at the event, where an ESOMA representative will welcome you.


  • The Event Booking Service is for ESOMA members only.
  • Places for most events are limited, register early to be sure.
  • Except for public events, participation is subject to approval by the event organisers and/or ESOMA.
  • Events can be cancelled without notice.
  • All expenses are the responsibility of the participant.
  • ESOMA EBS handles free events only.